Highland Mountain Fishing for Great Arctic Char and Big Brown Trout - July & August 2020


In a spectacular alpine environment, we fish for the beautiful and sought-after arctic char and big brown trout. 

The experienced guide will take to you to a river system, where both arctic char and big brown can be found. 

This group fish different areas of the river by moving downwards in rubber boats. The guide decide on where to stop and fish as well as camp. 

The rivers and lakes in the area consist of crystal clear, drinkable water. Depending on the local conditions, such as water height and temperature, the guide will take you to places where you have the possibility to catch arctic fish of a lifetime. Other fish such as brown trout can also be found in some places.


The trip is only suitable for fly fishing, with light 8-10’ rods in classes #4-6. Prepare for a versatile style of fishing during the trip.

The fly fishing differs a lot depending on what kind of area we will be fishing – you will get to experience everything from fishing with streamers and nymphs in rapids to enjoying the excitement of dry fly fishing in still water.

Imitations of artic nature in the form of brown, grey and dark colours are most commonly used. Bright colours such as white, yellow and pink can be used in some varieties for the demanding arctic char. Usually small flies in sizes 10-16 are preferred. Dry flies, nymphs, streamers and wet flies are used – so prepare to use a broad variety of flies. Flies can be discussed with the guide prior to the trip


The travel arrangement includes accommodation in tents or Tentipi. Guests should bring their own sleeping bag, toiletries, warm and weatherproof clothing and fishing gear.  Prepare for harsh conditions on the tundra, with rain and challenging temperatures. You will be outside all the time, where clothing and equipment can easily get wet.

The daytime temperature varies between 10 to 20 C in the air and 5 to 10 C in the water and at night time it can reach below 0 C. The weather can shift quickly so be prepared with warm clothing. Layer clothing is highly recommended and wading gear is a must. Pack accordingly and try to avoid bringing electronics, or pack them in dry packs.

The group paddles on flowing waters, which means that clothing and equipment will become wet. Only one big backpack per guest is only allowed, due to the size of the rubber boats and safety concerns. Pack accordingly and try to avoid bringing electronics, or pack them in dry packs. Other personal equipment such as toiletries, warm and adequate clothing and equipment shall be brought by the guest.

All meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) every day are included and served outside by the guide.

During the summer there are usually a lot of flies and mosquitoes so repellent is a must.


First day – The guests are picked up either from Kiruna airport at arrival or city centre in the morning and go to the helicopter pad for take-off We do a walk-through of the trip and security arrangements and verify that the group is ready for the fishing. Guests change clothes and the group heads off. Security equipment is included.

Next fishing days – The days starts with breakfast and the journey continues in beautiful landscapes. The group moves gradually down the river and the camp site is moved accordingly, according to the guide’s decision. Lunch is normally served next to the river and dinner at the camp site.

Last day – The last day starts with breakfast and then the group heads to the pickup site, from where the guests are taken back for a refreshing sauna and shower. The guests are after that taken back to either Kiruna airport or city centre.

Join us and explore the fantastic mountain world, with incredible fishing and spectacular wilderness!

The package includes:
– 6 days (departure in the morning and return in afternoon) with everything included. 5 days of guided fishing
 Group size 4 guests + 1 guide
Transport from Kiruna airport of city centre to helicopter pad
– Helicopter transport
– Professional guide
– Accommodation in tents or Tentipi
1 rubber boat / 2 persons
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner every day
– Fishing licenses

Not included:
– Trip to and from Kiruna
– Alcoholic drinks

Special terms:

The trip price is calculated for a fixed amount of 4 rods. The reservation fee (deposit fee) is invoiced according to payment schedule.

The final confirmation of the trip is done when all 4 four rods are sold. Arctic River Company reserves the right to cancel the trip and return all paid deposits, if the trip is cancelled by Arctic River Company due to too few rods sold for the specific trip.

Allowed weight per person:

Max weight per person + back pack is 110 kg. Total weigth for group of 4 guests is 440 kg. No exceptions due to flight restrictions. One back pack per person allowed.

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